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Muffle Furnace

• Separated heating & controlling chamber.
• No brick lining.
• Asbestos - free construction.
• Power saving up to 60% due to quick heating.
• Muffle furnace up to 1200°C.
• Choice control systems.
• A range of popular sizes.

SAKAV Furnaces are excellent in performance over a long period of time & are suitable for wide range of applications. Muffle furnaces give trouble free performance at substantially high temperature i.e. 1000 - 1200°C.


1) FURNACE CASE: For muffle & crucible furnaces case is fabricated from CRCA sheet of heavy gauge in compact size. Finish painted with heat resistant hammerton paint. 


2) HEATING ELEMENT & INSULATION: Best quality, well known, High-grade resistance wire KANTHAL is used for fabricating the heating elements of these furnaces. It is helically wound externally on to a ceramic muffle to give optimum temperature uniformity & sealed with special refractory.
High quality, low thermal mass material ceramic fibers (INDWOOL / CERWOOL / MINERALWOOL) are chosen to give maximum thermal efficiency.


A) Blind temperature controller.
B) Digital temperature controller.
C) Digital temperature controller with audio alarm that sounds when a set point is reached & also protects your incubating samples from temperature fluctuation.
D) Microprocessor based profile programmer: Extremely precise control of temperature is achieved. Different cycles of TIME & TEMPERATURE can be obtained. A product of state of the art technology very useful in research work.