Garment Curing Oven

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Garment Curing Oven

Wrinkle Free Garment Processing

SAKAV Garment Processing Ovens are designed to heat wrinkle-free clothing on racks with a gentle vertical downflow of air. In the model shown, air is delivered down from the ceiling to return plenums in the floor. Recessed tracks in between the returns allow for the customer cart to be rolled in and out. Processing temperatures to 5000F or as required Heater/blower compartment on the model shown is in the top, keeping bloorscape requirement to minimum.


• Variable Speed Process Air flow Control (optional) for curing variety of garments and fabrics. 
• 24 hour Temperature Chart Recorder optional.
• Throughtfully engineered for safety and ease of maintenance 
• Available in Gas or Electrical. Temperature control to maintain close temperature tolerance.
• Gas Trains.
• Stainless steel GI interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floor covering for extended operation life
• Standard and custom design conveyor systems available.
• Thoughtfully engineered for safety and ease of maintenance.
• Cycle timer with alarm to prevent over curing or under curing of garments.
• Safety Stop Switch to prevent operation when doors are open.
• Lockout / Tagout integrated door disconnect switch